Program Overview

Selceted Topics

  • Pam Hammarstrom (Sweden): “Chromosomal instability syndromes”

  • Luigi Notarangelo (USA): Severe combined immune deficiency: Changes in paradigm

  • Andy Gennery (UK):New paradigms in HSCT for PID - the changing landscap
  • Warren Leonard (USA):  The γc family of cytokines: Immunodeficiency, STAT tetramerization and the fine-tuning of cytokine signals

  • Helen Su (USA): Insights into Lymphocyte Regulation by Studying Combined Immunodeficiencies in Humans”

  • Isabelle Meyts (Belgium): STAT2 deficiency: viruses to power”?

  • Sudhir Gupta (USA):CD8Treg in Primary immunodeficiency diseases

  • Sylvain Latour (France): Primary immunodeficiency with high susceptibility to EBV infection

  • Stuart Tangye (Australia): Defective CD8 T cell activation and function underlies EBV susceptibility is distinct PIDs

  • Jean Laurent Casanova (USA): Severe infectious diseases of childhood as single-gene inborn errors of immunity"

  • Mukesh Desai (India): MSMD in India

  • Stephanie Humblet-Baron (Belgium): IL-2 consumption by highly activated CD8 T cells induces regulatory T-cell dysfunction in patients with hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis

  • Michael Jordan (USA): HLH: Pathophysiology and clinical challenges

  • Dan Kastner (USA): Old Dogs, New Tricks:  Autoinflammatory Disease Unleashed"

  • Taco Kuijpers (The Netherlands): Human Neutrophils Use Different Mechanisms To Kill Aspergillus fumigatus Conidia and Hyphae: Evidence from Phagocyte Defects

  • Manisha Madkaikar (India): CGD in India

  • Thomas Fleisher (USA): Flow cytometric diagnosis of PID 

  • Lennart Hammarstrom (Sweden): Genetics of common variable immunodeficiency – a multi-omics approach 

  • Michael Lenardo (USA): Elucidating the genes responsible for immunological diseases leads to precision medicine treatments

  • Surjit Singh (India): XLA in India

  • Newborn Screening Taskforce: Manisha Madkaikar, Lennart Hammarstrom, Surjit Singh, Neena Kapoor, Sudhir Gupta

  • Challenging and Interesting cases:  Panel-Jean Laurent Casanova, ThomasFleisher, Luigi Notarangelo, Sudhir Gupta


Use Of Flow Cytometry in PID Diagnosis

Panel Discussion

Interesting and Challenging Cases

Taskforce Panel

Newborn Screening - India Perspective